A1 Mobilkom


Getting a mobile network’s message heard loud and clear

A1, a mobile communications network provider in Austria, built brand awareness from launch through highly visible sponsorship, bold outdoor campaigns and retail brand stores. A major challenge presented itself in delivering the brand via third-party retail environments.

allen international was briefed to create a secondary and supporting visual language which would provide greater impact in already visually noisy environments. Understanding the existing brand we developed a number of graphic routes together with 3D POP devices in a unique twist to the current approach.

Black and white textures together with bold single-colour text boxes were applied to an assortment of POP devices which were able to support the product family whilst being visually distinctive within the environment.


Deliver brand in third-party retail environments.
Create a secondary and supporting visual language.
Greater standout in a visually noisy environment.


Stretch brand guidelines to create supporting visual language.
Black and white textures together with bold single-colour text box.
3D POP devices.


POP concepts piloted across 15 stores.
Response from host retailer very positive.

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